The use of adventure therapy techniques by clinical social workers: Implications for practice and training


Adventure therapy, an experiential intervention that combines outdoor, adventure based activities and group process, is used in direct practice by clinical social workers; however, it is unclear to what extent clinical social workers are actually utilizing these techniques. This research project surveyed a random sample of clinical social workers and examined in greater depth how they are utilizing adventure therapy programming with different clients in various treatment settings, as well as what type of education and training they received for engaging in these practices. A random sample of 646 clinical social workers in NASW responded to the survey, and more than 1/3 of this sample (35.1 %) reported the use of adventure based activities for therapeutic purposes in their social work practice. However, few of the social workers reported formal education or training in the use of adventure therapy, highlighting the need for more attention in both educational and clinical settings to proper instruction around this growing intervention.


Social Work

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Clinical Social Work Journal



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