Seasonal and spatial trends in south Greenland snow chemistry


The spatial, temporal, source and physical controls on chloride, nitrate, sulfate and sodium in south Greenland snow are presented in this paper based on chemical data from snowpit and fresh snow samples. The snowpit samples cover the period June 1982–June 1984 and the fresh surface snow samples represent one storm event sampled over a 38-km traverse from Dye 3 to the southwest. Oxygen isotope dated records of chloride, sodium, excess sulfate and nitrate are discussed with respect to input timing and source. Notably the anthropogenic influx of excess sulfate is apparent in addition to an influx of excess sulfate that coincides with and is attributed to the arrival of the El Chichon cloud in S Greenland. The El Chichon event is also marked by highs in chloride and nitrate. Examination of fresh surface snow reveals geographic, temperature and moisture controls on deposition. Some excess sulfate close to Dye 3 can be attributed to local pollution.

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Atmospheric Environment (1967)



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