Uprooting Grounded Theory


Grounded theory is designed to be flexible and to conform to the idiosyncrasies of both the researcher and her topic of study. Yet, many publications limit the explanation of data analysis to a few basic terms (e.g., open and axial coding; constant comparative technique) without much explanation of how these techniques were carried out. In this chapter, the author discusses the data analysis process for a grounded theory study titled “Cohabitation transitions among low-income parents: A qualitative investigation of economic and relational motivations,” published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues in 2018. Supporting materials include examples of theoretical memos and tables with marked-up notes. Sensitizing concepts are mentioned, and the use of NVivo software for open coding is noted. This chapter demonstrates the usefulness of standard grounded theory practices such as open coding as well as additional analytical tools.


Family Studies

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How qualitative data analysis happens : Moving beyond "themes emerged"


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