Northeast Passage PATH™ Program: A Strengths-Based and Recovery-Oriented Approach for Veterans Who Experience Mental Health Disorders


The recreation therapy profession stands in a position to be a powerful agent of change from a strengths-based perspective (Anderson & Heyne, 2012). This article merges ongoing discussions regarding the need for development of effective evidenced-based treatment options for Veterans with mental health disorders, current dialogue regarding the changing focus in healthcare, and the role of strengths-based approaches to healthcare. It also offers a detailed example of the Northeast Passage PATH™ program (Promoting Access, Transition, and Health) as a strengths-based, recovery-oriented recreation therapy program implemented in a home/community-based setting (Craig, Wilder, Sable, & Gravink, 2013). Case examples are interwoven within the article to accent the discussion regarding strengths-based practices and illustrate how the PATH™ program implements interventions with Veterans with mental health disorders through all phases of treatment including assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.


Recreation Management and Policy

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Therapeutic Recreation Journal


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