Interactions Between Land Cover/Use Change and Hydrology


The water cycle is a vital component of the North Eurasian environment and plays a central role in the region’s climate, biology, biogeochemistry and in human interactions with the natural environment. The Northern Eurasian arctic drainage covers more than 2/3 of the pan-arctic land mass. Substantial changes in land cover and land use have occurred over the region in recent decades, as a result of changes in climate, permafrost, and water management, among other factors. These changes are likely to affect large-scale linkages between the regional and global climate system, but the nature of these interactions is not well understood. In this chapter, we analyze changes in the dominant hydrological components and explore the interaction of the terrestrial and atmospheric water cycles, with particular attention to key regional cryospheric processes and linkages between the water and carbon cycles. The monitoring of the water cycle from observational networks and remote sensing along with strategies for improving hydrological change detection are discussed in the context of changes in land cover and land use.


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Eurasian Arctic Land Cover and Land Use in a Changing Climate



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