The World Hydrological Cycle Observing System (WHYCOS) is a global programme, developed in response to the scarcity or absence of accurate, timely and accessible data and information in real or near real time on freshwater resources in many parts of the world. The programme is implemented through various components (HYCOSs) at the regional and/or basin scale. It is guided by the WHYCOS International Advisory Group (WIAG). The Arctic-HYCOS program is being promoted through this Workshop. For more information on the WHYCOS, please see http://www.whycos.org/cms/.

The main goal of the Arctic-HYCOS program is to improve monitoring, data accuracy, availability and dissemination of information in the pan-arctic drainage basin. This project is science-driven and is aimed at monitoring freshwater fluxes and pollutants into the Arctic Ocean with the objective of improving climate predictions in the Northern Hemisphere and assessing the pollution of the Arctic coastal areas and the open Arctic Ocean. Arctic-HYCOS is currently organized along three main activities.

1. Develop and optimal design fro hydro-meteorological monitoring networks to capture the essential variability of the Arctic hydrological system and to enable accurate and efficient assessment of change

2. Estimate uncertainty of available in situ and possible remote sensing data including analysis of accuracy and systematic errors of new observation technology

3. Develop an integrated pan-arctic data consolidation and analysis system for the water cycle uniting data from various in-situ and other sources.


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