ATom: Merged Atmospheric Chemistry, Trace Gases, and Aerosols, Version 2


S. C. Wofsy
S. Afshar
Hannah M. Allen, California Institute of Technology
Eric C. Apel, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Elizabeth C. Asher, National Center for Atmospheric Research
B. Barletta
J. Bent
Huisheng Bian, University of Maryland
B. C. Biggs
Donald R. Blake, University of California
I. Bourgeois
Charles A. Brock, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
William H. Brune, Pennsylvania State University
John Budney, Harvard University
Paul Bui, NASA Ames Research Center
A. Butler
Pedro Campuzano-Jost, University of Colorado
C. S. Chang
M. Chin
R. Commane
G. Correa
J. D. Crounse
P. D. Cullis
B. C. Daube
D. A. Day
J. M. Dean-Day
Jack E. Dibb, University of New HampshireFollow
J. P. DiGangi
G. S. Diskin
M. Dollner
J. W. Elkins
F. Erdesz
A. M. Fiore
C. M. Flynn
K. D. Froyd
D. W. Gesler
S. R. Hall
T. F. Hanisco
R. A. Hannun
A. J. Hills
E. J. Hintsa
A. Hoffman
R. S. Hornbrook
L. G. Huey
S. Hughes
J. L. Jimenez
B. J. Johnson
J. M. Katich
R. F. Keeling
M. J. Kim
A. Kupc
L. R. Lait
K. McKain
R. J. Mclaughlin
S. Meinardi
D. O. Miller
S. A. Montzka
F. L. Moore
E. J. Morgan
D. M. Murphy
L. T. Murray
B. A. Nault
J. A. Neuman
P. A. Newman
J. M. Nicely
X. Pan
W. Paplawsky
J. Peischl
M. J. Prather
D. J. Price
E. A. Ray
J. M. Reeves
M. Richardson
A. W. Rollins
K. H. Rosenlof
T. B. Ryerson
E. Scheuer
G. P. Schill
J. C. Schroder
J. P. Schwarz
J. M. St.Clair
S. D. Steenrod
B. B. Stephens
S. A. Strode
C. Sweeney
D. Tanner
A. P. Teng
A. B. Thames
C. R. Thompson
K. Ullmann
P. R. Veres
N. L. Wagner
A. Watt
R. Weber
B. B. Weinzierl
P. O. Wennberg
C. J. Williamson
J. C. Wilson
G. M. Wolfe
C. T. Woods
L. H. Zeng
N. Vieznor


This dataset provides information on greenhouse gases and human-produced air pollution, including atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), tropospheric ozone (O3), and black carbon (BC) aerosols, collected during airborne campaigns conducted by NASA's Atmospheric Tomography (ATom) mission. This dataset includes merged data from all instruments plus additional data such as numbered profiles and distance flown. Merged data products have been created for seven different aggregation intervals (1 second, 10 seconds, and 5 instrument-specific intervals). In the case of data obtained over longer time intervals (e.g., flask data), the merge files provide (weighted) averages to match the sampling intervals. This comprehensive dataset will be used to improve the representation of chemically reactive gases and short-lived climate forcers in global models of atmospheric chemistry and climate.


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