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This series of events brings Indigenous perspectives from 22 Indigenous speakers across the U.S. and Arctic regions to discussions of sustainable futures within the New Hampshire community. There is growing movement in the academic community to understand how Indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage can deepen our thinking about sustainable futures. While most researchers recognize that anthropogenic climate change and other sustainability challenges require humanistic as well as scientific approaches, many have yet to thoroughly understand the colonial legacies that initiated many of these sustainability problems and continue to impede our study and solutions. The 2020-2021 Sidore Series was designed to increase awareness about Indigenous perspectives on climate change and cultural resilience; showcase examples of how Indigenous groups are engaged in regional, national, and international dialogues on climate and sustainability; explore how the University of New Hampshire can bring these ideas into teaching, research, and scholarship; and initiate relationships with Indigenous communities to pursue collaborative capacity-building for the co-production of knowledge.


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