Controversy surrounding plans to redevelop Durham’s Mill Plaza is best understood in historical context. The majority of this account of the Mill Plaza entails direct quotations from documents (Town studies, surveys, and Master Plans; Town Meeting minutes; transcripts of officials’ remarks at meetings; residents’ letters and comments for Public Hearings; newspaper reports, etc.). Thousands of pages of Town documents from the 1960s to the present and scores of hours of recent meeting recordings were reviewed for Plaza-related material. Ellipses points (…) indicate gaps in quotations. Online links to the full documents are provided when available. Emphases are original, unless noted as “added.” For Plaza redevelopment proposals from 2014 to the present, “all sides” (developer, residents, Town Board members) are given full and equal voice. A few pages near the end attempt to convey the general consensus of Town residents on the redevelopment process, followed by a four-page outline of Plaza “history highlights” from the 1960s to the present.



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