In mountain towns across the United States that rely on winter tourism, snow is

currency. For snow lovers and the winter sports industry, predictions of a future with

warmer winters, reduced snowfall, and shorter snow seasons is inspiring them to

innovate, increase their own efforts to address emissions, and speak publicly on the

urgent need for action.

This report examines the economic contribution of winter snow sports tourism to

U.S. national and state-level economies. In a 2012 analysis, Protect Our Winters and

the Natural Resources Defense Council found that the winter sports tourism industry

generates $12.2 billion and 23 million Americans participate in winter sports annually.

That study found that changes in the winter season driven by climate change were

costing the downhill ski resort industry approximately $1.07 billion in aggregated

revenue over high and low snow years over the last decade.


Earth Systems Research Center

Publication Date

Winter 2-23-2018


Protect Our Winters, Boulder, CO

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