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Faculty may submit research here.


Submissions from 2023


Exercise Intensity and Fractionated Response Time, Danielle R. Martineau, Ronald V. Croce, and Wayne Smith


Dataset for Effects of Single-Session Practice Structure on Motor Skill Acquisition and Alpha and Beta EEG Oscillations, Audrey Porter, Ronald V. Croce, and Wayne Smith

Submissions from 2011


An investigation of interruptions and resumptions in multi-tasking dialogues, Fan Yang, Peter A. Heeman, and Andrew L. Kun

Submissions from 2005


Why isn't globalization as good for people as its marketed image suggests it is?, Filson H. Glanz


Adaptive Blind Multiuser Detection over Flat Fast Fading Channels Using Particle Filtering, Yufei Huang, Jianqiu Zhang, Isabel Tienda Luna, Petar M. Djuric, and Diego Pablo Ruiz Padillo