Net Ecosystem Exchange in a Tall Tower Footprint: Reconciling Observations, Modeling, and Remote Sensing


In this study we investigate the controls on monthly-to-interannual terrestrial NEP within the footprint of the WLEF tall tower. This footprint is large enough ($>$1 km$^{2}$) to be considered as a single example of a global ecosystem model or global remote sensing grid cell. We compare the observed NEE from 1997-1999 with predictions of the Biome-BGC model and attempt to associate discrepancies with specific processes, including plant phenology and soil respiration. The remote sensing observations are used in this exercise to help diagnose interannual variability in growing season length and to characterize the distribution of landcover within the footprint. We consider also inherent limitations in the data, especially the uncertainty associated with data gap-filling methods.


Earth Sciences, Earth Systems Research Center

Publication Date

Spring 2001

Journal Title

Joint Assembly Meeting, American Geophysical Union



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