Connecting PhenoCam Sites with the ORNL DAAC MODIS Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool


The PhenoCam website ( is tasked with acquiring, processing, and archiving web imagery from inexpensive webcams to be used for scientific studies of phenological processes. PhenoCam is currently archiving imagery from about 200 cameras mounted on towers, buildings, and other permanent structures, with a view across the top of the vegetation canopy. From this image data we extract time series of gcc (green chromatic coordinate) values, which contain a seasonal phenological signal for the local canopy. One goal of the PhenoCam project is to compare this no-altitude remote sensing data with space-borne remote sensing data. This is a common task faced by many low- and no-altitude observatories. Here we report on linking PhenoCam time series camera data (gcc time series) with MODIS Vegetation Index (EVI/NDVI) time series data using the Oak Ridge National Lab Distributed Active Archive Center (ORNL DAAC) MODIS Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool and the associated web services. By using a combination of ORNL DAAC web services, and by automated submission of processing requests, we provide easy access to comparable time-series from the two data sources. This should facilitate the development of models to extract transition dates from the time series data and the comparison of those dates between the two data sources.


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Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU)


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