Date of Award

Fall 2002

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy

First Advisor

Charles K Zercher


An efficient method for the conversion of versatile beta-keto carbonyl compounds to the corresponding alpha,beta-unsaturated-gamma-oxo carbonyl structural units was developed. This methodology was applied to beta-keto esters, amides and lactones. In most cases generation of the olefinic functionality proceeded with complete E-selectivity. The utility of this chemistry was demonstrated through a formal synthesis of R-(-)-pyrenophorin, an asymmetric total synthesis of (+)-patulolide A and a racemic synthesis of patulolide B. An extensive study of ketal-derived oxonium ylides and the subsequent rearrangement was also accomplished. The application of this chemistry was applied to Bu-2313 and a unique class of compounds known as the hyperolactones.