Date of Award

Spring 2023

Project Type


Program or Major

Mechanical Engineering

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy

First Advisor

Igor Tsukrov

Second Advisor

Robinson M Swift

Third Advisor

David Fredriksson


The dissertation presents advancements in numerical modeling of offshore aquaculture and harbor protection structures in the open ocean environment. The advancements were implemented in the finite element software Hydro-FE that expands the Morison equation approach previously incorporated in Aqua-FE software developed at the University of New Hampshire.

The concept of equivalent dropper was introduced and validated on the example of a typical mussel longline design. Parametric studies for mussel dropper drag coefficients and bending stiffness contributions were performed for different environmental conditions.

To model kelp aggregates in macroalgae aquaculture, a corresponding numerical technique was developed. The technique proposes a modified Morison-type approach calibrated in full-scale physical tow tank experiments conducted at Hydromechanics Laboratory of the United States Naval Academy.

In addition to the numerical modeling techniques, an advanced methodology for multidimensional approximation of the current velocity fields around offshore installations was proposed. The methodology was applied to model a response of a kelp farm by utilizing tidal-driven acoustic Doppler current profiler measurements.

Finally, a numerical model of a floating protective barrier was built in the Hydro-FE software to evaluate its seaworthiness. The model was validated by comparison to measurements obtained in scaled physical wave tank tests and field deployments.