Date of Award

Winter 2022

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy

First Advisor

Paula Salvio

Second Advisor

Judy Sharky

Third Advisor

Thomas Newkirk


The purpose of this study is to examine the creative process and cultural resources youth poets use to generate poetry and inspire their own written material. This study is guided by the following two central research questions: In what ways do youth create their own poetry? In what ways do youth use cultural resources to inspire and develop their poetic work? This is a qualitative study that relies on three focal participants and utilizes Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) as a research strategy. After reviewing the data from participants, the following predominant themes present themselves for discussion: First, Process is not Separate from Sources. After analyzing the data for this study, it is clear that rather than operating separately from each other, participants integrate cultural resources directly into their writing process. The second theme for discussion is Poetry is Community. Participants made multiple statements about the importance of community to their writing in terms of generating ideas and inspiring their work. The third theme for discussion is To Write Like a Poet is to Think Like a Poet. Much of the pre-existing literature speaks to writing poetry as a means for the writer to develop their identity. In this study, each participant spoke about their growth and identity as a writer of poetry, as one who thinks like a poet.