Date of Award

Spring 1998

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy

First Advisor

R L Taylor, Jr


Rous sarcoma virus and v-src-induced tumor outcome is controlled by the major histocompatibility (B) complex. While data have suggested non-MHC effects, few studies have focused on systems other than the B complex. Experiment one matings produced $B\sp2B\sp5$ and $B\sp5B\sp5$ progeny which segregated for alleles of 7 additional blood groups (A, C, D, H, I, L, P) and the Rfp-Y system. Experiment one survivors produced Experiment two progeny. The $B\sp5B\sp5$ parents for Experiment three combined different background genes with a tumor progressor B haplotype using the F$\sb2$ generation of a cross between Line SC ($B\sp2B\sp2$) and Line 6.15-5 ($B\sp5B\sp5$).

The Bryan high-titer Rous sarcoma virus (30 pfu) was injected into six-week-old progeny in Experiments one and two. For Experiment three, chicks were injected at hatch with 100 $\mu$g clone 17 v-src DNA. Tumors developed in 237 ($118=B\sp2B\sp5,\ 119=B\sp5B\sp5$) and 62 ($42=B\sp2B\sp5,\ 20=B\sp5B\sp5$) progeny in Experiments one and two, respectively. Tumor size was scored six times over a ten week post-inoculation period using values from 0 = no tumor to 6 = massive tumor extending beyond the wingweb. A tumor profile index (TPI) based on the six tumor scores was assigned to each bird. Data were analyzed by ANOVA with significant means separated by the method of Scheffe or an S-N-K analysis (p $<$ 0.05). The B genotype effect on tumor growth necessitated division of $B\sp2B\sp5$ and $B\sp5B\sp5$ genotypes for further analysis. Blood groups A, C, E, H, and P had no significant effect in either B genotype. The L and Y types significantly affected the TPI, tumor score and mortality rate in $B\sp2B\sp5$ chickens (P $<$ 0.05). In $B\sp5B\sp5$ chickens, the L, D and I types significantly affected mortality or TPI. No significant Ea-L effect was evident in either genotype from Experiment two.

Compared to 6.15-5 ($B\sp5B\sp5$) chicks, progeny from three $B\sp5B\sp5$ families had significantly smaller tumor size at three post-inoculation periods whereas progeny from two $B\sp5B\sp5$ families had lower tumor metastasis. These data indicate that Ea-L and Rfp-Y types affect RSV tumors and that non-MHC genes influence v-src tumor growth and metastasis.