Date of Award

Winter 1987

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy

First Advisor

Charles H Goodspeed, III


This dissertation presents a simplified approach for the preliminary design and static analysis of a cladding-frame structural system subjected to concentrated, lateral loading conditions. The simplified approach, which utilizes the finite element analysis method, reduces the number of computations required for analysis of a structurally cladded frame to that of an architecturally cladded frame. This research develops a modified beam element to analytically replace a cladding panel element while retaining its structural benefits. The modified beam element is derived using a 16 degree of freedom isoparametric element and displacement correlations determined from the studies of a two-story, single bay frame with cladding attached via six pinned panel-column connection points. Using the finite element analysis method, the modified beam element was used in conjunction with three case studies to evaluate the lateral displacements at the interstory beam-column joints of a cladded frame. Guidelines were established to implement the modified beam element into preliminary design analyses of multistory, multibay, structurally cladded frames, thereby providing a simplified method of analysis which incorporates cladding-frame interaction.