Date of Award

Winter 1980

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


A filter adsorption-elution method for the routine isolation of reovirus from model aqueous systems was developed. Reovirus was found to be stable within a pH range of 3 to 10, with a minimum loss of viability. A slight hydrogen ion excess minimized virus aggregation phenomena and promoted efficient adsorption of virus to filter surfaces. Adsorption of virus at pH 6.0 to all filters examined was enhanced by 50 mM MgCl(,2). The use of AlCl(,3) as an enhancing salt was contraindicated since reovirus was not recoverable from 0.5 mM AlCl(,3) solutions. Elution of virus was most effective when a 3% beef extract eluent was used. In the model system, reconcentration of eluates was achieved by flocculation of beef extract proteins at pH 3.5. Reconcentration of reovirus and several representative enteroviruses was also achieved by means of a hemocyanin-enriched fraction derived from Limulus polyphemus hemolymph.