Climatic variation across a latitudinal gradient affect phenology and group size, but not social complexity in small carpenter bees



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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Greater social complexity at lower latitudes have been observed in a variety of arthropods from termites to spiders. Social behavior in the small carpenter bees, Ceratina, has been shown to vary widely both between species and across geographic range. Our goal was to determine how social plasticity of three populations of Ceratina species, C. calcarata and C. strenua, vary across a latitudinal gradient. The data files contain 1) Climate data for the three collection sites: New Hampshire, Missouri and Georgia. 2) The nest collection and adult measurements for the three sites 3) The brood measurements and development rates from the three sites.


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This work was supported by National Science Foundation award numbers 1456296 to SMR, 1450271 to WAS, and 1523664 to SPL. This research was also supported by a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research at University of New Hampshire to SSL. Additionally, this work was made possible through funds from the University of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Tuttle Foundation to SMR.


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