Water Balance Model (WBM) Open Source Release Version 1.0.0 Ancillary Data


University of New Hampshire

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Earth Systems Research Center

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Download the Singularity image and data files associated with the open source release of the University of New Hampshire Water Balance Model from the the University of New Hampshire Water Balance Model Ancillary Data Download Website



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Funding for data collection is from: The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research Program, Earth and Environmental Systems Modeling, MultiSector Dynamics under Grant DE-SC005171 and Cooperative Agreements DE-SC0016162 and DE-SC0022141; The National Science Foundation Division of Earth Sciences grant no. 10388018; Division of Social and Economic Sciences grant no. 1639524; Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems grant no. 1855937; Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences grant no. 1114851. The National Aeronautical and Space Administration, Earth Science Division’s High Mountain Asia program grant no. NNX17AB28G and grant no. 80NSSC20K1595 and the Earth Science Division’s Sea Level Change program grant no. 80NSSC20K1296. NSF NH EPSCoR New England Sustainability Consortium (EPS-1330641), NH EPSCoR Ecosystems and Society (EPS-1101245), and the Plum Island Long Term Ecological Research site (NSF OCE-1637630) Swedish funding agency Formas under grant #2017-00,608 via Stockholm University.


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