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New Hampshire Continental Shelf, Western Gulf of Maine, Surficial Geology, Seafloor Photos


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping


Geology | Oceanography | Sedimentology

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The "New Hampshire Continental Shelf Geophysical Database: 2016-2017 Field Campaign – Seafloor Photographs” was developed by the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center (CCOM/JHC). The field campaign was conducted to provide ground truth for surficial geology maps for the continental shelf off New Hampshire (NH) and focused on the inner shelf between the coast and the Isles of Shoals. Station locations were chosen where high-resolution bathymetry was available, including multibeam echosounder (MBES) surveys conducted by the UNH CCOM/JHC Hydrographic Field Course (Ocean Engineering 972), MBES surveys by the NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS), and a topo-bathy lidar (Shoals) survey by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) (see Ward et al., 2021c for details). In total, seafloor videography was collected at 151 stations and 855 photographs were extracted from the video. In addition, 150 sediment samples were collected from 85 of the stations and analyzed for grain size. The bottom sediment grain size data is available at the University of New Hampshire Scholars Repository (see Ward et al., 2021


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The University of New Hampshire/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Joint Hydrographic Center Award Number NA15NOS4000200 and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Award Number M14AC00010


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