The theme for the 4th annual summit was to advance NOAA’s ability to adapt and respond to the effects of a changing climate and extreme weather events. NOAA’s Disaster Preparedness Program partnered with CRRC to facilitate webinars on two consecutive days focusing on NOAA’s hurricane preparedness and readiness for personnel (people), mission, and infrastructure (PMI). The virtual event entitled “NOAA Hurricane Preparedness Summit 2023,” helped put NOAA in a better posture for the 2023 hurricane season by identifying best practices and lessons learned from the 2022 season, recognizing and discussing challenges related to climate change and extreme weather events, and socializing tools and resources available to support different stages of response. The summit included plenary presentations from federal and state agency representatives outlining topics such as: storm specific lessons learned, communication of severity of risk, working smarter and safer, maintaining wellness during response, contingency planning, and available tools and resources.

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