An in-person, three-day NOS Hurricane Summit was planned in late-April 2020 ahead of the 2020 hurricane season. The purpose of the summit was to enhance preparedness for the 2020 hurricane season by identifying past shortfalls and challenges using the lessons learned from past events to plan for future hurricane response requests. The summit series centered on the safety and preparedness of NOS staff, facilities, partners, and other key resources as well as mission related activities and response actions. These mission activities included, but were not limited to, coordination with USCG for port safety and reopening, readiness and response for pollution and debris events, and post landfall damage assessment aerial photography. The COVID-19 pandemic made an in-person meeting unfeasible. The summit then pivoted into three virtual, half-day sessions to socialize and develop a common understanding of the 2020 hurricane season in the context of pandemic related operational constraints.

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University of New Hampshire, Coastal Response Research Center

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