On June 18-20th, 2019, the Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC) and NOAA’s Disaster Preparedness Program (DPP) co-sponsored a NOAA Regional Preparedness Training (NRPT) Workshop at Old Dominion University Tri-Cities Higher Education Center (Portsmouth, VA). The workshop, titled “Improve Preparedness for Storm Events and Nuisance Flooding in the Norfolk Region”, focused on preparedness, planning and response to extreme weather events and nuisance flooding.

This was the fifth workshop in a series of DPP NRPTs. The overall goal of the Norfolk workshop was to provide focused discussion regarding lessons learned from local partners during the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season and build a common understanding of how storm events and nuisance flooding will be addressed when they threaten mission personnel, infrastructure or natural resources.

The specific objectives were to:

  1. Establish networks with local partners to improve preparedness.
  2. Identify gaps and ways to improve regional preparedness.
  3. Increase coordination among participants to bolster regional preparedness.
  4. Determine ways to provide adequate information and communicate knowledge, so that (1) the public and response community will make informed decisions relative to personal protection and safety, and (2) responders and natural resource managers more effectively mitigate regional disaster impacts.

A one-day Tools Café was held prior to the workshop, with presentations and subsequent hands-on demonstrations of national and regionally-specific preparedness and response tools that are currently available to responders or the public. The two-day workshop included plenary presentations from local and federal emergency responders outlining their day-to-day operations, continuity of operations during an emergency, tools used to make decisions, and lessons learned from previous events.

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