Spring 2012

Table of Contents

Changing Perspectives: A Medium Analysis of the Lytro Light Field Camera by Kelly Martin

Corporate Media Elections of Justices by Matthew S. Jones

The Geek Mystique: How Cultural Oversight of Programming Language Rein forces Traditional Power Structures by Kendra Mack

Male Dancer by Katelyn E. Madden

Mealtime Routines as a Resource for Meaning-Making by Brittany Adelhardt

Production Variable Manipulation and the Viewer’s Response: A Grammar Perspective of No Country for Old Men by Rachel Pink

Media Representation of Redheaded Males, the Not-Quite-Other by Joe Roy

Silence and Suspense in No Country for Old Men: A Unique Western Film11 by Adam Paikin

Civil Engagment and the College Student by Alex Bourne

Consumerism and Environmental Concern by Michelle Martinelli

Funding for the Future by Mackenzie Colburn

Beauty and Weight by Mariah Cummings

Raw Milk: Our Freedom to Choose by Samantha Cuccaro and Evan Girard

The American Discipline: A Letter in Support of Critical Democratic Thought by Daniel Healy

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