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In this issue:

Swiss Multilingualism in Online News Sources: Opportunities and Restrictions through Linguistic Variance by Laura Yegge, Alexandra Davis, Meije Gernez, Crista Schmidt

Coffee Shop as Drama: Ethnography of a Routine by Dave Day

Perceiving Educational Implications in Video Game Design by Kelsey Loveday

Sex and the City: Expanding the Feminist Toolbox by Natalija Ulemek

Restoration for Former Child Soldiers in Uganda by Laura Yegge

The American Beauty: Identification, Globalization, and the Miss America Pageant by Joanie Stolos

“It’s Just Our Job”: A Qualitative Analysis of Police Lexicon Surrounding Publicly Salient Issues by Lindsey Comeau, Sara Coppola, Matt D’Arcy, Jamie Gray, Marc Smick

A Single Case Analysis: “Woman Goes Berserk” by Lindsey Comeau

A Real Man’s Game: Manipulations of Guilt and Rhetorical Displays of Masculinity by the UFC by Dane Miller

Mass Message: The Impact of Digital Media on Documentary Film by Kelly Martin

Finding Reality in a Virtual World: An Analysis of the Authenticity of Traditional Dating Versus Online Dating by Joanie Stolos

Citizen Journalism: Defining Bloggers’ Rights by David Whitney

The Internet and Social Networking: Building Virtual Relationships and Harming In-Person Relationships by Amanda Tan

What Perez Says: an Analysis of Popular Culture by Lauren Freeman

Disappearing Privacy by Angelina Bossone



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