Spring 2010

Table of Contents

Voluntary Surveillance: Privacy, Identity and the Rise of Social Panopticism in the Twenty-First Century by Jake Nevrla

Dialogic Advancements in Psychotherapy by Michelle Laffoon

Corey Johnson: A Football Captain and a Gay Male by Nina DiCenso

Dexter: Multiple Personalities by Dustin Somero

Intersexuality in Women’s Sports: The Case of Caster Semenya by Kayla Timmons

Perspectives: The Culture of Underage Drinking at UNH by Sabrina Clark, Kelley Stenberg, Hope Fortier, & Camille Quarles

Performing Maternity: Limiting the Role of the Individual Woman in Abortion Discourses by Katie Ramsay

The Mass Media Deity: the Repercussions of Barack Obama’s Campaign Coverage by Corey Nachman

The World’s First Pregnant Man by Samantha Bell

Media in the Digital Generation by Aaron Mohammed

Internet’s Rise to Power by Katie Relihan

Facebook and Interpersonal Relationships by Kimberly Rogers

A Healthy Look at Social Media by Andrew Hennessy

Internet Culture: Popular Culture by the People by Kendra Mack

The Pros and Cons of Facebook by Chelsea Bumgarner

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