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In this issue:

Truth and Falsity: Taking a Social Constructionist Standpoint by Kirstyn Peterson

Expanded Media Effect on the Image of Bush versus Reagan by David J. Bettencourt

Parody Advertisements in American Culture by Vanessa Williams

The Press Rejects a Candidate...Again by Michael Soha

Systemic Blindness and Disease Mongering: A Social Constructionist Investigation by Kirstyn Peterson

Fighting for For Our Hearts and Minds: Manipulation, Media Coverage, and Military Control From the Gulf War to Iraq by Katrina Ingraham

Social Construction of Taste by Vanessa Williams and Blair Joyal

Hugo Chavez Address to U.N. General Assembly by Andrew Carslaw

Enactment of the Ritual Drama: News Coverage of the Columbine School Shooting by Heidi Soucy