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In this issue:

The Influence of Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" on Malcolm X's "The Ballot or the Bullet" by Nick Miale

War Justification Rhetoric of President George W. Bush by Anna Pape

Rhetorical Analysis of Thomas E. Franklin's "Ground Zero Spirit" as an Iconic Photograph by Janet Lang

Verbal Depiction of the Visual: The Confederate Monument at Shiloh National Military Park by Dalisa Carpenter

A Scene Function Model Analysis of Television's Cult Hit "Lost" by Adam-Scott Donovan

Superman Goes to War: Heroes, Enemies, and the Manipulation of Perception by Michael Soha

The Pursuit of Equal Representation: A Study of the Clamshell Alliance and Coverage in "The New York Times" by Joseph Schena

Effects of Negative Political Advertisements by Kathryn Costello

Social Construction: A Family Approach by Caitlin Bergin

Final Observation by Mark Avery

And Nothing But the Truthiness: How "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report's" Rhetoric of Humor Has Revitalized Public Discourse by Lindsey Charles



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