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The following case examines whistle-blowing in the workplace and how it is treated in organizational culture, dealing with the varying ethical perspectives displayed when managerial staff are faced with a whistle-blower. In 2015, an alarming number of infants began to mysteriously pass away in the neonatal ward at the Countess of Chester Hospital. After a few staff members began to realize that one nurse, Lucy Letby, may have been a common denominator in the deaths, a report was made and brought to the attention of the unit manager. When nothing was done after several meetings, some of the staff took their concerns to higher managers. However, the higher-ups remained unphased and complacent. During this time, babies with seemingly good prognoses continued to pass away. It would take more than a year after the initial incidents occurred for Letby to be removed from the neonatal unit – and months after that for hospital executives to contact the police. After her departure, the mysterious deaths ceased.



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