Being A Part of the United Asian Coalition - UNH

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This short documentary discusses my own personal experiences and struggles growing up Asian American. Being raised in a community where the Asian American population was basically non-existent, it had a huge toll on me. I struggled with accepting who I was and loving myself, constantly wishing I was someone else. Coming to the University of New Hampshire and being introduced to the "United Asian Coalition", was life changing for me. This organization, often shortened to "UAC", celebrates Asians of all backgrounds and does a phenomenal job at sharing the culture of numerous Asian heritages. In the documentary, I interview several Executive Board members of the club to gain their perspectives and see how UAC has impacted their lives. Dispersed throughout the documentary is also footage that I filmed at their meetings, which they hold once a week. By creating this project, I wanted to showcase how forever grateful I am to be able to say that I was a part of this community.

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