Authentically Artificial: Exploring AI’s quest for authenticity through ChatGPT

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This short documentary explores how Artificial Intelligence continues to advance and people are becoming more reliant on it with minimal regulations currently in place. This piece includes an introduction followed by interviews with students and a professor being asked questions about authenticity and AI and how it should be regulated in universities. The whole documentary will be presented as if answered by original thoughts from the interviewed individuals, but there will be a twist. The first section of the documentary is written entirely by ChatGPT. I asked ChatGPT to design a list of questions it would use to interview students about authenticity and AI and then ask it to answer these questions in the voice of a student. ChatGPT designed a script and the settings in which these interviews took place. I recruited students and professors to read from this script and film the documentary which I edited together. At the end, it is disclosed to the viewer that this documentary was written and directed by AI and shares some of the actor's true answers to the questions. I will then ask the viewers to ask the question to themselves, when watching this did this seem authentic? Can artificial intelligence pass as human intelligence?

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