Spring 2006

Table of Contents

"They Can't All Be Right, but They Can't All Be Wrong:" Religion, Politics, and Teenage Outcast in Saved! by Lindsey Charles

Gia by Rachel Kearns

"A Good Ana Doesn't Die:" Pro-Anorexia Websites as Contemporary Manifestos by Corinne Schmitz

Accurate Exhibits: A Critique from a Rhetorical Standpoint by Matthew Willis

Co-Construction in Storytelling by Chris Bennice

Dynamic Dual: A Classical Study of an Extended Story Sequence by Kristin Condon

An Alternative Approach to Healthcare by Jamieson Maul

U.N.H. Riot Policies by Jennifer Shaw and Anna Parish

The Brandon Teena Murder: A Case Study in How Communication is used to Priviledge Certain Identities and Punish Others by Maggie Barrett

The Third Tower and the Fourth Estate by Wylie Belasik

A Clam's Discourse: How the Clamshell Alliance affected public consciousness going through and around commercial mass media by Jennifer Kelley

Viewer Identification with Thieves of Ocean's 11 by Kristen Lewis

The F-Word: Feminist identity as declared or disavowed by callers on talk radio by Kristin Condon

Three Perspectives on Social Problems in France Exposed through Film by Kristen Lewis

Guilt, Purification, and Redemption in Lost Generation Literature by Jillian Sherlock

Editorial Board

Jillian Sherlock - Editor-in-Chief
Janet Lang - Secretary
Sarah Newcombe - Fundraising
Jamie White - Publicity
Amy Blaisdell
Kristen Lewis
Vanessa Williams

Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Borda