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My paper examines the role of art in the environmental crisis that we are currently facing. I believe that the climate emergency is largely the result of a disconnect between the scientific community and the non-scientific community. In other words, scientists are trying to portray scientific information to a non-scientist demographic. I believe that if we are to prevail during these uncertain times, we need a middleman between these two parties. We need someone who is able to take the information that the scientists are bringing to the table and break it down to non-scientists in a way that makes sense to them, and I believe that this role falls upon the artists of the world. In this research paper, I examine the historical framing of the environmental crisis, Name: Matthew Morley Year: Alumni (December 2022 Graduate) Major: Communication Fun Fact: I have two dogs and propose a few alternative approaches which incorporate arts and media. I also take a look at one of my own personal favorite music acts, and how they’ve taken their own unique approach to environmentalism.



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