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Through the development of our society mankind has adversely impacted the species that existed long before humans did. Humans have effectively become an invasive species, taking over the homes and resources of animals across the globe. People continue to expand into new lands and territories to compensate for an ever-growing population, converting natural land into cities with homes, offices, shopping centers, and more. Through urbanization we are displacing countless species from their natural habitats or forcing them to adapt to a new environment. As our world grew, so did our economies and trade market, creating the issue of global shipping practices. Industrial globalization and maritime shipping have lead to deadly consequences for many marine species, specifically the marine giants. While some may argue urbanization and industrial globalization have advanced our society, few can say the same about wildlife tourism. Amplified through social media, the desire to observe and photograph animals in their natural habitat can create a dangerous cycle for these species. Despite living in the wild, all of these animals are continuously being encroached on by humans through our global development and for our own entertainment.



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