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In my research paper TikTok as a new source of labor is elaborated upon. The social media platform that originated in 2016 allows you to watch or create videos anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. Some content that can be seen or made on TikTok tends to be videos that are entertaining, informative, or in most cases the newest dance trend. In my research paper I wanted to dive deeper into if this new popular app could be a reliable source of labor? Becoming a paid social media influencer does not occur overnight and success is not just given to you. I had the luxury of interviewing 3 men, each at their own stage of TikTok, in each interview I asked questions that were similar as well as questions that relate to where they are Name: Max Oxendine Year: Senior Major: Communication with Sports Management and Kinesiology minors Fun Fact: I can go to sleep any time or place, almost on command Name: Lydia Osmer Year: Junior Major: Communication and English Teaching Fun Fact: I am going to Turkey for 6 weeks this summer! currently with TikTok. This along with research allowed me to conduct a proper analysis about TikTok and how much of an influence new technologies have encouraged this new form of labor.



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