Spring 2022

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to Comm-Entary! We are proud to present you with the 42nd publication of the Communication Department’s research journal at the University of New Hampshire. Over the past year, our team of editors has been collaborating and working hard to bring you this newest edition that features some insightful pieces on media, rhetoric, and interpersonal studies. We are so excited to share it with you.

The annual publication of Comm-Entary is a time-honored tradition here in the Communication Department. Our journal is an amazing celebration of all the academic achievements of the young scholars here at UNH. Comm-Entary has continued to grow over the past 42 years to provide a platform to share the unique perspectives of UNH’s Communication students with a global audience, reaching readers on six continents and in dozens of countries worldwide.

This year was one of many achievements for our team. For the first time ever, Comm-Entary implemented our very own social media strategy. This allows us to reach a broader audience and engage virtually with scholars everywhere, and we are looking forward to growing our digital presence in the coming years. Not only did we expand our outreach, but we are proud to have highlighted two panels of authors at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference. The ten young scholars that presented their research at the conference speak to the academic excellence of the students of the Communication Department.

Our Editorial Board and student editors made the publication of the 42nd edition such a success by their true commitment and hard work. This year, our editorial board members often took on multiple roles to ensure the publication came together. And, of course, none of it would have been possible without the guidance and leadership of our incredible faculty advisor, Professor R. Michael Jackson. The hard work, dedication, and passion for academics that our members demonstrate can be clearly seen in the pages that follow. Thank you, team!

Comm-Entary is a true example of scholarship and young minds coming together to contribute something meaningful to the communication field of study. From the Comm-Entary team to you, we hope you enjoy and find meaning within the following pages!

Ellie Humphreys & Katie Dorman


The Nerd and the Artist
Lydia Osmer


Come Back Home: Music, Dance, and Video Design as Methods of Relational Truth-Seeking
Emily Shafritz, Lily Neher, Emily Wozer, Kevin Healey, and Liese Zahabi


Nuke Hampshire
Braeden Hale


the 8 percent
Jade Kwitkiwski

Executive Board

Co-Editor in Chief
Co-Student Organizations Liaison
Publicity Team
Ellie Humphreys
Co-Editor in Chief
Publicity Team
Katie Dorman
Design Chair
Publicity Team
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Madeline Graf
Manuscript Chair
Mya Sanders
Author and Board Liaison
Layla Hanissian
Digital Chair
Publicity Team
Marlouise Seguenza
Editing Chair
Thomas Butt
Editing Chair
Sarah DeSimone
Editing Chair
Brian Heaney
Co-Student Organization Liaison Organizer
Pat Hussey
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Ashley White

Editorial Board

Hannah Colley
Max Oxendine
Cameron Magner
Hayleyann Gifford

Faculty Advisor

R. Michael Jackson

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