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Feminist Standpoint Theory & Its Real Life Applications

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“Feminist Standpoint Theory & It’s Real Life Applications” is an academic multimedia project about Feminist Standpoint Theory that I created based off of a research paper I had previously written on the topic. Feminist Standpoint Theory pulls from the Marxist claim that the group we engage with and the activities we engage in, shape our identities and knowledge. (Wood, 2005). In the multimedia version of my paper, I use the theory to explain why my Dad & I hold different opinions on women’s reproductive rights by comparing the differentiation between our upbringings through video footage and animation. Even though the multimedia version of my research was much more informal than the written one, it was still a daunting challenge to take on. Planning, recording, and editing my research into a video required just as much work, if not more, as an academic paper. But in the end, the depth of the feedback I received from those who watched the multimedia version made the challenge more than worth it. Viewers of the multimedia version of my research were more inclined to respond to the application of my theory than readers of the written version of the same application. This contrast between the responses signified that my multimedia project was not only more thought provoking, but more efficient in presenting the information and thus more valuable in my opinion than the written version. [Wood, Julia T. Women and Language: WL; Urbana Vol. 28, Iss. 2, (Fall 2005): 61-64,72.]

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