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In this issue:

Art Therapy and Virtues Between the Young and Old by Ellen Gibbs

Representation in Media – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Hiwalani Kapanui

EDM: Spirituality in Sound by Abigail Lehner

Local Reactions, Revolutionary Implications: The Stamp Act Rebellion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire as a Precursor to American Independenceby Charlotte Harris

“Playing” to God: An Analysis of Video Games through the Lens of Religion by Jason Paul

Protest Policing and the Privatization of Surveillance by Jenna Ward

The Importance of Overall Structure in Conducting a Medical Encounterby Lindsey Hall

A Tropic Understanding of Street Art as a Persuader for Social and Political Advocacy by Lindsay Kosel

Conversation Analysis: An Interaction between Amy Schumer and Ellen DeGeneres by Jennifer Royka

Understanding the “Other” Perspective by Sriyaa Shah

The Ethics of Documentary Photography in a Digital Age by Laura Olivier

Recognition on the Olympic Stage: The Tension between Olympism and Universalism by Alana McKay

Yes, White People Can Be Terrorists, Too by Dillon Mulhern

Queer It Up: Queering Food Justice by Zoë Parsons

Shaping Adolescence: The benefit of Young Adult novels, specifically This One Summer by Tali Cherim

You Have to See It to Believe It: Mental Illness vs. Physical Illness in Nate Powell’s Swallow Me Whole by Tali Cherim



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