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In this issue:

Sacrifice who you are, for what you will become: The Growth of Religion and Culture Through Eric Thomas by Jovan Morse

Pop Culture in News: The Rise of Infotainment Programming by Charlotte Harris

Corporate Ethics and Authenticity; Gaining Consumer Buying One Virtue at a Time by Nicole Downing

Gender Discrepancies in Makeup Usage and the Subsequent Impact on Appearance Expectations by Rebecca C. Bishop

Rushing Towards a Religion by Ellen Gibbs

Sensory Test Sequence of Actions by Zoë Parsons

The Effects of a Trip to India on the Music and Life of George Harrison by Carter Bennett

Disconnected From Millennials: Why Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Failed to Captivate Young Voters by Jenna Ward

The Ethics of Physician-assisted Death by Amanda Dwyer

A Rhetorical Analysis of Before the Flood by Hannah Lane



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