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In this issue:

Make Graffiti, Not War by Mikayla Schaefer

The Photograph as a Montage by Christopher Kuist

Washing Away Dirty Marketing by Ashley Layton

An Ethical Dilemma in Media: “A Rape On Campus” by Jenna Ward

Networked Movements & Social Change: The Success of #BlackLivesMatter by Carolyn Riley

Body Cameras and the Problem of Technological Solutionism by Sean Fleese

Persuasion Techniques in Reconceptualization Science: Rethinking Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation by Mikayla Collins

Theories for Theories: A Rhetorical Analysis of Nancy Krieger’s Theories for social epidemiology in the 21st century: an ecosocial perspective by Dana Gingras

The Anxiety of Digital Afterlife by Jacqueline Van Sickle



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