Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Make Graffiti, Not War by Mikayla Schaefer

The Photograph as a Montage by Christopher Kuist

Washing Away Dirty Marketing by Ashley Layton

An Ethical Dilemma in Media: “A Rape On Campus” by Jenna Ward

Networked Movements & Social Change: The Success of #BlackLivesMatter by Carolyn Riley

Body Cameras and the Problem of Technological Solutionism by Sean Fleese

Persuasion Techniques in Reconceptualization Science: Rethinking Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation by Mikayla Collins

Theories for Theories: A Rhetorical Analysis of Nancy Krieger’s Theories for social epidemiology in the 21st century: an ecosocial perspective by Dana Gingras

The Anxiety of Digital Afterlife by Jacqueline Van Sickle


Annie Molinaro - Editor-in-Chief
Ashlyn Daniel-Nuboer - Editing Chair
Carolyn Riley - Design Chair
Mikayla Collins - Marketing/Fundraising Chair
Adam Bennett
Lindsey Hall
Joy Cheramie
Kylie Marshall
Emelia Cial
Emily Masse
Devon Clance
Olivia Pelehach
Ashlyn J. Correia
Grace Puksta
Emily Figiel
Leal Salamone
Sarah Flannery
Jacqueline Van Sickle
Emma Giangregorio
Jenna Ward
Chris Griesbach

Faculty Advisor

Kevin Healey