Spring 2005

Table of Contents

War Photography: The Effects of Soldiers Becoming Photojournalists by Samantha Jason

The Political Advertising of the 2004 Presidential Race: The Effects on the Consumer Sphere by Lauren Sica

"The Perils of Indifference": Elie Wiesel's Rhetoric of Hope by Melissa LaSalle

A Case Study in Gender Breaching by Molly Conley

Influencing Viewers to Perceive Characters Positively: Interaction of Grammar Variables and Content in Goodfellas by Jennifer Kelley

The Two Tiers of Television by Michael Parisi

Teen Magazines and Lack of Young Female Voters by Rachel Russell

The Rhetoric of the Self-Portrait by Lara Wolfson

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Jocelyn Hartmann - Fundraising Chair
Erin Marchal - Secretary
Jess Malcolmson
Meghan Carey
Casey Rillahan
Molly Conley
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Alex Garces
Kate Whitney

Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Borda