Explaining fast ejections of plasma and exotic X-ray emission from the solar corona


Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are the most energetic events in the solar system and can make near-Earth space a hazardous place. However, there is still no consensus as to what physical mechanisms are responsible for these solar eruptions. Here we demonstrate a fundamental connection between the emergence of magnetic flux into the solar atmosphere and the formation of solar eruptions. We present a model of the dynamics of the solar atmosphere and inner solar wind region using a realistic representation of the electric field at the photosphere, calculated from flux-emergence computer simulations, as the boundary conditions. From this, we show how magnetic flux and helicity injection leads to the reorganization of the solar corona. We show evidence for the in situ formation of a CME plasmoid, which is independent of the emerging flux tube, and we conclusively connect this process to the formation of a hot X-ray structure.

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Nature Physics


Springer Nature

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