A multi-instrument study of flux transfer event structure


We present simultaneous measurements at high temporal resolution of flux transfer events (FTEs) earthward of the magnetopause using four instruments on the Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorers (AMPTE) UKS spacecraft. The seven events in our study are distributed in local time from early dawn to midafternoon over a GSM latitude range of ∼40°, from 24°N to 17°S. A multilayered structure is revealed with systematic behavior in fields and charged particle populations. The plasma pressure varies in anticorrelation with the field pressure, the total pressure in general exceeding that of the surrounding medium. While it is not the prime concern of this paper to discuss the validity of models proposed for FTEs, the new, detailed experimental results it contains make it clear that the Russell-Elphic [1978] model needs, at the very least, more detailed development.

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JGR: Space Physics



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