Coherence lengths of the interplanetary electric field: Solar cycle maximum conditions


It is increasingly being realized that by affecting geoeffective scale lengths the interplanetary electric field (IEF) is a key quantity in space weather discussions. In this work we derive and analyze statistically IEF coherence lengths in year 2000, i.e., near maximum of solar cycle 23, working in a much used formulation for the IEF. We focus on the frequency domain. We use magnetic field and plasma data sets acquired by Wind and ACE. During year 2000, ACE‐Wind separations were very variable and, in particular, Wind’s first dayside distant prograde orbit resulted in a Y‐separation comparable to the X‐separation (∼220 RE). We find IEF coherence lengths of 200–250 RE (X) and 50–100 RE (Y). The coherence is mainly carried by the low frequency components (f < 0.01 min−1).

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AIP Conference Proceedings



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