Presents an overview of the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence (NatSCEV), the most comprehensive nationwide survey to date of the incidence and prevalence of children's exposure to violence, sponsored by OJJDP and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and carried out by the Crimes Against Children Research Center of the University of New Hampshire. It outlines the survey’s objectives and key features, how exposure to violence was measured, and plans for followup surveys and publications. NatSCEV bases its estimates on a large, nationally representative sample of more than 4,500 children ages 17 and younger. The survey interviewed caregivers of children ages 9 and younger and children and youth ages 10 to 17 about 45 different kinds of violence, abuse, and victimization in the past year and over the course of their lifetime.


Crimes Against Children Research Center, Sociology

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National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence


United States Department of Justice

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