The Data Visualization Research Lab at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping is investigating how three-dimensional navigational displays can most effectively be constructed. This effort is progressing along multiple paths and is implemented in the GeoNav3D system, a 3D chart-of-the-future research prototype. We present two lines of investigation here. First, we explore how tide, depth, and planning information can be combined (fused) into a single view, in order to give the user a more realistic picture of effective water depths. In the GeoNav3D system, 3D shaded bathymetry, coded for color depth, is used to display navigable areas. As in ENC displays, different colors are used to easily identify areas that are safe, areas where under-keel clearance is minimal, and areas where depths are too shallow. Real-time or model-generated tide information is taken into account in dynamically color-coding the depths. One advantage to using a continuous bathymetric model, versus discrete depth areas, is that the model can be continuously adjusted for water level. This concept is also extended for planning purposes by displaying the color-coded depths along a proposed corridor at the expected time of reaching each point. In our second line of investigation, we explore mechanisms for linking information from multiple 3D views into a coherent whole. In GeoNav3D, it is possible to create a variety of plan and perspective views, and these views can be attached to moving reference frames. This provides not only semi-static views such as from-the-bridge and under-keel along-track profile views, but also more dynamic, interactive views. These views are linked through visual devices that allow the fusion of information from among the views. We present several such devices and show how they highlight relevant details and help to minimize user confusion. Investigation into the utility of various linked views for aiding realsituation decision-making is ongoing


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

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U.S. Hydrographic Conference

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Mar 24 - Mar 27, 2003

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Biloxi, MS, USA


Hydrographic Society of America

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Conference Proceeding