Bat Brushes: On the uses of six position and orientation parameters in a paint program


A geometry is described for converting hand position and orientation into six useful variables for computer input. The application is that of controlling form and color in an experimental computer “paint” program. We find that the most easily controlled parameters of hand placement are x,y and z cartesian coordinates and a twist parameter which approximates the wrist action that occurs when a dial is turned.The two remaining parameters are horizontal and vertical wrist rotations. In order to capture these it is necessary to correct for the rotation about the elbow which naturally occurs when the hand is translated. However, these two parameters are difficult to control independently of hand translations. Computer paint “brushes” are described which allow the real-time control of size, color and position on the screen using the hand parameters described.

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Proceedings of the SIGCHIGI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems and Graphics Interface


CHI '89



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Apr 30 - May 5, 1989

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Austin, TX, USA


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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Conference Proceeding